Leesa Clark-Price

Leesa credit’s her incredible success (as well as the core of who she has become) to her beautiful parents. Her parents came from humble backgrounds and decided long before they met each other that they would break the mold. Leesa’s father, H. Clifford Clark, retired from BYU as a beloved Professor’s, Leesa’s Mom, well, she was a force all on her own! Clara Lee Clark worked hard to become the first female Principal in the Nebo School District. Not a simple thing in those days.  Their examples of pure fortitude and commitment set the stage for Leesa.  Indeed, her father’s favorite phrase to tell her soon became true. “YOU can do it!”  And so, she has. 

Widowed through suicide at the tender age of 26. Left to raise 4 very young children, the youngest 6 months old.  Leesa knew it would be difficult but also knew she was up to the task. 

Leesa discovered very quickly that her dream of finishing her education and becoming a famous attorney would need to be shifted. She was committed to not just be ordinary. She needed to be extraordinary. 

Leesa took her gifts for communication and problem solving and put them to work building several very successful businesses. She thrived in what many consider a man’s world.

Leesa began by designing her own line of clothing. She found great joy in employing approx. 30 women. Most of whom were single moms. That passion for assisting women still finds a home in her heart. 

Leesa forged a very respected name in the real estate industry, selling well over $200M in real estate during her very successful career as an agent/Broker. She served in many Leadership positions  within this industry and further developed her leadership skills.  Today she enjoys using those skills as she serves on several boards. 

As an advocate of women’s rights, she started knocking down the glass ceiling, setting an example for those who followed. 

Her supreme ability as a first-rate salesperson catapulted her into an elite professional environment where her love of people positioned her in ways she had not dreamed of. Leesa, has now become a key player in the rise of the Statue of Responsibility, which will stand 305 feet tall at the Point of the Mountain in Utah, as a bookend to the Statue of Liberty in New York! It’s more than a monument, It’s  a movement! 

Leesa is a motivational speaker. She has spoken to groups around the world. One of her most significant passions is facilitating Women’s Retreats in her tipi in sunny Arizona. Leesa Clark-Price is an artist, author, creator, dream builder and most importantly a Grandmother to 20 beautiful grandchildren.